The Ice Bowl Was Self-Organized

1967 NFL Championship Game (aka “The Ice Bowl“). On the final drive of the game, Vince Lombardi, the greatest coach of anything, never called a play. In fact, when the final play of the game was about to be run, someone on the sidelines asked him what play was going to be called, and his response was “Damned if I know”.

The team ran the final drive themselves, and they won. “The coach, it could be said, had nothing to do with the final drive…yet to every Packer on the field, and to many of those watching on the sidelines and in the press box, that final drive, more than anything else, was the perfect expression of Vince Lombardi”.

(quotation from the book When Pride Still Mattered : A Life Of Vince Lombardi
“When Pride Still Mattered”, by David Maraniss)

YouTube:  The Endzone Was 68 Yards Away (a story of the final drive)

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