About Radoration

Radoration is the home for stuff done by Jeff Lopez-Stuit.

I do work to help companies improve their ability to improveWhen you’re working with me, you’re working to enable your organization to blow away the inadequate structures of the past and establish practices upon which to constantly build an amazing future that delights customers and expands competitive advantage every day.

I coach organizations to do this through putting new practices into place:

Agile, iterative work processes enable teams to self-organize in client-driven iterations that deliver the highest value, quality, and cost-savings.

Integrity establishes a foundation upon which an organization is always evaluating the results it delivers against its commitment to the mission.

Relentless focus on the organization’s mission provides the means to delight customers, impassion team members’ work, and renew investor value.

Frequent delivery of specific measurable results creates closer relationships and credibility with customers and supports the organization’s ability to sustain its pace of work.

Continuously building a new future. When skilled at these new practices,  an organization is endowed with an ability to adapt itself to any new opportunity or innovation that it chooses for itself.

About the name Radoration

Radoration is a word I invented to represent my work.  I was trying to combine the words Radical and Iteration.  When you’re working with me, you learn to practice improving your work iteratively,  frequently inspecting and adapting how you are working so that you are always reinventing what you’re capable of doing.  When you work this way, what was once radical change isn’t radical any more.  It’s just something you do.

When you practice this regularly, you’re enabling yourself to deliver the greatest work you can possibly take on, and to constantly rewrite the future of what’s possible.

A good friend observed that in the middle of the made-up word Radoration was a real word:  adoration, that captured who I was.  I come into every situation with a big heart, and a commitment that you’re capable of delivering astounding work.

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